SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — WSAV is sharing the inspiring story of a woman fighting her second bout with breast cancer. She is determined to win, again.

Rashanda Burnett’s creative hands have grown over the years.  she was born with her talent just like her grandmother, the late Elizabeth Reid who ran Reids Florist in downtown Savannah.

“That was my after-school care. So it was an inherited gift that I’ve been proudly carrying on.”

In 2010 Rashanda began walking an unexpected journey, something we talked about at a recent breast cancer awareness event.

“I was 28 years old, and I had a lump that I found myself,” Rashanda said. “And I actually went to my doctor, my OBG, and she said it’s nothing to worry about. But my body kept alarming me that there was something.”  

Rashanda was adamant about getting a second opinion, so her doctor gave her an ultrasound that came back irregular.

“And I was diagnosed at that time at 28 with stage 2 plus aggressive,” Rashanda said. “And I did go through the chemotherapy treatments for 6 months, and I also went through radiation, 33 rounds of radiation.” 

After that, there was no trace of cancer. Twelve years later, this courageous warrior is fighting for her life again.

Her breast cancer is back but this time in both breasts.

“Stage two is now four. And not only breast cancer, but liver, lungs, bone, two tumors, and at this later recent date brain cancer.”

The good news, Rashanda’s latest CT scans revealed no more liver cancer, and no more bone cancer. 

“I had a huge tumor in my right lung that they said a few months ago was over 80% removed,” Rashanda said.

She is obviously a fighter but she has been through so much. I asked Rashanda how she so gracefully lives in the moment with a smile.

“It is a lot to handle. It is a mental battle and fight because only about five or six weeks ago I suffered two major seizures after I finished brain radiation,” Rashanda said. 

“I did 10 treatments of brain radiation that landed me in the hospital and I coded, and they told my husband your wife is gone. He was like no she’s not gone, and they brought me back which I’m still here.”

She said she’s keeping a positive mindset and the will to fight is what helps her take it one day at a time.

“It gave me a new look at life where nothing matters but your breath. And if you take the time to invest in your own mental strength, I don’t care what you hear, I don’t care what you’re up against, I don’t care what that battle seems like. It’s up to you to fight.”