‘Don’t wait’: Patient talks early detection in breast cancer battle

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Some of the most frightening news breast cancer survivors can hear is that the disease has come back.

For Gloria Houston, it’s a prognosis she’s heard numerous times.

“Through the help of the good Lord, good doctors, I’m here,” she said at the Nancy N. and J.C Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion.

A tireless fighter, Houston embarked on her battle against breast cancer in the 1980s. At the time, she was already dealing with the weight of her mother’s diagnosis.

“Me and my mom were getting…chemo at the same time, in the same building,” Houston recalled.

Her mother, Elsie, lost her battle with the disease. It’s a fight Gloria still faces.

Cancer has spread to her hip, shoulder, bone and spine. “And now it’s back on my lungs, and that’s what I’m being treated for now,” she added.

She stressed a simple message: “Don’t wait.”

“I waited so long to see about myself, and that’s how I am,” she said.

“I remember the lump on my breast, and I didn’t go,” Houston added. “It started hurting, and that’s when I went.”

In a sense, she’s retracing her own steps to recovery and says her faith is what keeps her focused on healing.

“I believe that anything happens for a reason,” Houston said. “And if you trust God and get strength, he’ll get you through anything. I’m a living witness, not a dead one.”

Regular breast self-exams are key to early detection, and Buddy Check 3 is here to help with reminders on the third of each month. For any breast health questions, call St. Joseph’s/Candler at 912-819-5704.

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