SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Dr. Jordan Dixon spends about 30 hours a week in the radiology room at Candler hospital.

“You can find an additional 30% of those cancers that could be hidden on a mammogram,” Dixon said. 

A powerful tool. Her focus in our conversation is breast density and why supplemental screenings are recommended.

“Dense breasts have a higher propensity to form cancer,” Dixon said. “It can in a woman`s lifetime breast cancer risk six to seven times that of a woman with not dense breasts. But in addition to that, dense breast tissue can also hide cancers.”

New at candler hospital is innovative ultrasound technology to help detect cancer in women with dense breasts. Automated whole-breast ultrasound is a powerful life-saving tool.

“So the exciting thing about it is it decreases the time that a lady is laying there on the table receiving the ultrasound,” Dixon said. “So that improves patient comfort because it has this larger ultrasound paddle.”  

Dixon compares the old technology with the new.

“With the older technology when the ultrasound technologists is doing the handheld ultrasound they`re only saving images of what they think looks important what they think that the radiologist 

may want to see an image of,” Dixon said. 

Whole-breast ultrasound is considered more efficient and effective.

“The machine is fully automated,and it optimizes all of the settings for each patient as it`s scanning through their breasts,” Dixon said. “She`s gonna be laying on the table with her arm above her head, and this is placed on top of her breasts and then it stays stationary, but the transducer inside slides back and forth, and that`s how it acquires these images here.

This is literally thousands of images of each breast. And all of the breast tissue that the radiologist gets to scan through time and time again real-time.”

An investment giving women hope for improved patient outcomes.

“This gives you some control for yourself saying I`m opting to do this additional screening

And so this is another step I`m taking for myself and it kind of empowers a lot of ladies in terms of taking control of their health care and find these smaller cancers earlier which are more treatable,” Dixon said.