SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Every third day of the month — which is this Sunday — we encourage women to check their breast health.

Friday, we put the spotlight on a change for women who depend on breast care with our partner St. Joseph’s/Candler. While the baton has been passed, I found out you’re in good hands.

A new job, a new city.

Dr. Catherine Ronaghan, well known for a phenomenal career in breast medical oncology is wasting no time making her mark at one of the country’s top-ranking breast surgery centers.

“Not only is Savannah beautiful, but what a phenomenal program is right here in Savannah,” Ronaghan said. “An NCI community cancer program. I mean that’s amazing.”

Ronaghan is St. Joseph’s/Candler’s choice to serve as the new medical director at Telfair Breast Surgery.

I asked her thoughts about survival rates rising over the last decade.

“There are so many new therapies for breast cancer, and I think that has affected the overall survival rate and cure rate,” Ronaghan said.

She gives high marks to a breast surgery program that’s made major strides and hopes her expertise will keep it trending in the right direction.

Her first roll out was a wireless technology she’s familiar with to help save lives.

“A wireless clip placement and it actually emits. This little tiny clip emits radar. And then in the OR we have a radar detector,” Ronaghan said. “So we’re able to in a very focused way go get what we need to remove without having to have anything external.”

If a patient requires chemotherapy first, then surgery is no problem.

“That little radar clip just sits in there and it’s ready to go so we can localize a lymph node you know that might kind of disappear like a previously biopsied lymph node, and we can localize the area in the breast,” Ronaghan said.

It takes a special person to do this job. And, like her predecessor, retired Dr. Susan Mahanay, patient-focused care is critical.

“Here you actually form relationships. We’ll follow them for a while,” Ronaghan said. “You become family. Yeah, that makes a difference. It really does. It really does.”

If you have any concerns or questions about breast health you can always call The Lewis Cancer Pavilion at 912-819-7053. And if you want to learn more about our life-saving program, click or tap here.