SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A free program created to help cancer survivors after treatment is making a comeback. The program is aimed to help people like Latricia Reisert, a breast cancer survivor and clinical coordinator at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Reisert started walking a new journey in 2014 when she was diagnosed.

“Even with my medical background, I still walked into it overwhelmed and blind,” She said.

Reisert became that one in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

“A lot of times when you’re consumed with your cancer, you forget that you still need to take care of your mental self. You still need to take care of your physical self. You still need to be present,” Reisert said. “In this room you’re taught not to be defined by your cancer.”

That’s her message to women as the Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion (LCRP) relaunches its cancer transition services: Moving Beyond Treatment workshops. Reisert called the room where the workshops happen a “safe place to express overwhelming feelings where women create special bonds.”

“They’re here if you want to cry. They’re here if you want to scream. You know, they’re just here for you,” Reisert said. “It’s just filled with an enormous amount of compassionate and loving women.”

Reisert says you will have questions when you begin your survivorship journey. She did, but she said that self nurturing works.

“LCRP gives us the opportunity to do that through, you know: learning how to eat better, learning what exercises are good for you,” She explained.

Often after treatment you’re reminded of what you’ve been through.

“There are moments that pop up in your head,” Reisert said. “You know, you go to reach for something and you can’t stretch that arm up as high.”

Reisert said that when this hits her, she can remember things she learned in class to help her. She encourages survivors to take this opportunity.

The free survivorship classes begin on June 16 and you can find more information on them through the link here.