Breast cancer warning: Danger at any age

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HOUSTON (KPRC/NBC News) – As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, experts are warning the disease really does not discriminate on age. 

Some women are facing a breast cancer diagnosis before mammograms are recommended.

Fayth Garmley, 19, is one of them.

“I think I was in a shock for like the first month of just — I was living my regular life, and then I find out I have cancer,” Garmley says. “Now it’s doctor visits almost every day.”

Fayth’s cancer, Stage 3 angiosarcoma, was so aggressive she instantly had to quit school in Florida and move to Houston for treatment a week after diagnosis.

Getting this diagnosis at a young age was scary, but during a pandemic it has added unique challenges for Fayth. Hospital restrictions at MD Anderson Cancer Center, in place to protect patients from COVID-19, didn’t allow for patients to have any visitors with them. Only pediatric patients were allowed to have one parent in the room and because of Fayth’s age she is not a pediatric patient.

“I’m 19, so I’m technically an adult, and I can’t have my parents with me for a lot of my visits,” she says. “My first round of chemo I had to stay in the hospital for five days. That was my first time I’d ever stayed in the hospital … then, just at that, like, I couldn’t even have, like, my mom next to me.”

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