Tattnall County Schools has delayed the start of the school year from Monday, Aug. 10, to Tuesday, Sept. 8.

“In the face of a distinct rise in cases locally, beginning school on Aug. 10 is not in the best interest of our students, teachers or staff,” a statement from the school district reads, in part.

The school system still plans to offer both traditional and virtual learning options.

On Aug. 24, the district announced a mask requirement on all campuses and buses.

“Beyond promoting safety, we believe requiring masks will also help us to continue to have classes and groups meet within the building without required quarantines for large groups,” Tattnall County Schools stated.

One mask will be provided to each student but families will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing them routinely. Masks brought to school must follow the dress code, as outlined in the student handbook.

Safety measures will be implemented to keep traditional learners safe, from cleaning guidelines to disabling water fountains. Families are encouraged to check their students’ temperatures before they arrive at school but they will be checked as students enter the building. Masks are not required but strongly encouraged on buses.

Schools will contact each virtual school applicant to set up a meeting to discuss virtual schooling and to sign the student contract. Virtual learners must commit to this option for one full semester (Dec. 18) and will have the option to return for face-to-face classes at that time.

A computer, internet connection and phone access must be provided by families.

Virtual learners are not allowed to participate in in-person sports and/or extracurricular activities.

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