Hampton County School District 2 returns Tuesday, Sept. 8.

All parents and guardians are asked to complete the online registration form by Wednesday, Aug. 12, for each student.

The district plans to implement a hybrid learning approach, which combines the traditional instruction model and distance/remote learning. This approach uses alternating days, where cohorts of students attend school for the entire day a portion of the week while others engage in virtual learning.

For example, half of the students could attend school on Monday and Wednesday while the other half attend on Tuesday and Thursday. On Fridays, students engage in distance learning, teachers have opportunities for planning and grading, and districts can engage in deep cleaning of school buildings.

In the event COVID-19 cases increase and schools need to close, or if the governor directs a closure, Hampton County School District 2 will follow a full virtual learning model.

Read the entire back-to-school guide online here.

Mask policy:

  • Bus riders and the driver are required to wear masks for the entire trip
  • Staff members must wear masks or face shields while moving throughout the building
  • Parents meeting on-site with school staff must wear masks when appropriate
  • Masks are required at all athletic and co-curricular events
  • Should a student or staff member exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 at school, they will immediately be given a mask and report to an isolation room

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