The start date for Hampton School District One students will be after Labor Day on Tuesday, Sept. 8. The school year runs through Tuesday, June 15.

School officials say the delayed first day will allow time to purchase program computers and provide staff guidance on virtual learning practices.

There will be three options for learning:

  1. Face-to-face instruction with a teacher
  2. Virtual instruction using a computer and daily support from teacher
  3. Blended instructional program involving both

Families can select one of the choices, which will apply for the entire semester, here. A form is also available here for those who may have questions.

The district’s intent is to provide a device for all students in grades 3-12 (additional grade levels as funds allow) but home internet access will not be provided.

Students who attend classes in-person will be required to wear masks on buses and during transitional times. While in the classroom and social distancing is in place, wearing the mask may be optional.

This year, uniforms will be encouraged but not required. All students will still be expected to dress appropriately for instruction in class or online. Dress codes will be communicated at the school level.

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