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Bulloch County Schools will open for the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 17, with both a traditional face-to-face and a virtual option from which parents can choose for their children:

If a family missed the July 24 deadline for choosing an instructional model, these are important next steps, according to the district:

School officials say there will be more details to come about technology and faculty support for the two models. FAQs from the school system are listed below.

Will the school district make announcements about COVID-19 positive cases among students and employees?
At the direction of the Department of Public Health, and to comply with federal privacy laws, the school district will make no mass announcements about COVID-19 positive cases that involve its students or employees. All contact tracing and notification will be done through the proper channels of the Department of Public Health. Medical information about any student or employee is also protected by federal privacy laws and will not be released by the school district.

Will schools close if there is a COVID-19 positive case(s)?
Schools are considered critical infrastructure. There will be no school shutdowns for infectious diseases unless directed by the Governor’s Office or the Department of Public Health to do so. This has always been the state’s school safety protocol. This is not a new protocol.  It is the same protocol we communicate to families annually during the flu season.

Will schools close to deep clean for COVID-19 positive cases?
The virus is relatively fragile, so standard hygiene practices, such as cleaning hands with soap and water, can help remove and kill the virus. According to the Department of Public Health, the virus can live and potentially infect a person for only two to eight hours after being deposited on a surface. Therefore, special sanitizing processes beyond the routine deep cleaning methods we’ve already enacted, including closing schools to further deep clean every surface in the building, are not necessary or recommended to slow a spread. 

Deep cleaning protocols for COVID-19 for our facilities happen every day and throughout the day in all school and office classrooms, common areas, restrooms, and other touch points. Custodian teams were trained in March on how to properly disinfect surfaces for COVID-19, and they have successfully implemented these practices since that time for our staff. This will continue when students return.

Will there be school Open House events?
At this time, a new date for Open House is not yet known. Additional information will be communicated when it is available.

Is gifted/QUEST instruction offered in the virtual instruction model?
Yes, gifted instruction is available through the virtual instruction platforms, and plans are in motion to also provide supplemental virtual instruction from the school district’s gifted program faculty.

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