The Bacon County School District plans to open school on Monday, Aug. 10, under a traditional, face-to-face learning model. However, a virtual learning option will be available for those who need an alternative instruction plan.

Each principal will send out procedures for how the first day of school will look for those returning in person.

The first day of school for virtual learning has not been announced at this time. The service will be outsourced to Edgenuity and each online participant will be contacted individually about the start date. Officials say someone from each school will be in contact on Aug. 5.

Students participating in virtual learning will be ineligible for extra-curricular activities, including athletics, fine arts programs, school dances, clubs and field trips.

For those returning in person, students will be socially distanced to the extent possible during lunch and staggered lunchtimes will be scheduled, with some eating in a classroom. Recess will also take place at staggered times.

Students are strongly encouraged to wear a masks , particularly on buses. Masks should not include text, writings or signs other than a Raider mascot or the letters “BC.” Masks will be provided to students if the express the need or desire or are unable to bring one from home.

Teachers and staff members are strongly encouraged to wear masks and/or face shields in classrooms. Masks will be required by teachers and staff members in all common areas when social distancing isn’t possible.

Students will need to bring a clear bottle of water each day. Water fountains will not be used by students.

Should a student or staff member test positive for COVID-19, the district says each case will be evaluated individually. School personnel will not be identifying those who contract the virus, due to HIPAA and FERPA requirements, and as others not to speculate about such instances.

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) will be responsible for contact tracing.

A school will “not necessarily” be closed if someone tests positive. School officials will be guided by DPH depending on the exposure and spread.

For more information on safety guidelines and the district’s reopening plan, visit here.

Open House:

Open House will take place the week of Aug. 3 to Aug. 6. Each school will release an individual plan which will be posted on Facebook, the school’s website and through Parent Connect.

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