Many local schools now require clear or mesh backpacks for safety

Back To School

You may need to buy your student a new backpack this year. Many schools are now requiring students to carry a backpack that is either clear or mesh for their safety.

This new rule is just one of the many ideas that schools are coming up with to try to make their classrooms safer. Many school leaders believe that backpacks that are not clear have more opportunities for kids to hide or bring a gun into schools.

Not all parents believe that a clear or mesh backpacks are the best option. Some parents have concerns about the policies because it takes away their children’s right for privacy.

Other concerns include the cost, strength and availability of the bags.

With the rise in the number of school shootings last year and even the number of threats around the region, teachers say it’s worth the trouble.

Long County Schools are implementing a new backpack policy for the 2018-19 school year. 

Long County teacher and parent, Patricia Austin, said “We are not going to 100 percent stop anything. Most students will be less likely to bring those kinds of things in knowing that we the teachers or staff members–and even their peers–can see these things.

“I don’t mind making the investment if I know it is going to better the environment that my kids will be in during most of their day.”

Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools and Effingham County Schools implemented these policies in the past and will continue to enforce it this year.

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