Jasper County heads back to school with new precautions to keep students safe

Back To School

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – As students head back to school today in Jasper County, parents can find comfort knowing the school district is taking extra precautions to keep students safe.

This year, there are cameras inside every single classroom and on every school bus. At the front of every school will also be an armed security guard, along with a receptionist, and the front doors will remain locked at all times. Educators hope these new precautions will help keep students safer, while also preventing bullying.

Rechel Anderson, Jasper County superintendent, said her motto is “student centered, future focused”. She said that safety is a priority as school, but she’d holding parents accountable for their child’s education.

“We work with our parents in our community to help them understand the importance of why education is important, why school is to be valued and why it’s important for you to understand everything your teachers have prepared for you is something meaningful in your life,” Anderson said.

She said learning starts at home, before students enter the classroom.

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