Georgia Southern officials offer advice on college success

Back To School

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Students from kindergarten through high school are not the only ones heading back to class this month. Tens of thousands of college students are returning to campuses as well.

Some will begin the transition from secondary education to the pursuit of a degree. It can be a difficult change because college is different than what they’re used to in high school.

Georgia Southern University offers the following advice to help students find success in their pursuit of higher education:

Learn time management
Time management may be one of your biggest challenges. You will likely have blocks of “open” time that you’ve never had before in your life. Use them wisely! Keep a day planner, set goals for yourself and follow through.

Develop effective study skills
It’s likely that the amount and type of studying you did in high school will not be enough to do well in college. Plan to devote several hours a day to studying for your classes. Critically evaluate and reflect on what you are reading.

Seek assistance when needed
Create your own academic support system and take advantage of advisement and other help on campus. Be honest with yourself and recognize when you need help. Don’t be shy about asking your professors for assistance. If you don’t let them know that you need help, they’ll assume you are not having problems.

Persist in the face of setbacks
Sometimes when you’re challenged, you won’t always succeed immediately, and that’s okay. Being challenged in the classroom is how you grow. Think of the mind as a muscle and academic challenges as weights that build intellectual strength. By persisting in the face of setbacks and learning from criticism, you can reach ever-higher levels of achievement in the classroom and beyond.

Watch what you spend
Finances are a major source of stress for many college students. Being as responsible as you can helps you meet your goals in college and beyond.

Develop an enthusiasm for reading and learning
You’ll be doing more reading than you have ever done in your life. Embrace this opportunity to learn more about what interests you.

Get to know your professors
You’ll find that the professors at Georgia Southern really want to help you achieve success. However, in most cases, it will be up to you to take the initiative to meet with them. Drop in during office hours and introduce yourself. Actively participate in class.

Keep an open mind
One of the best things about the college experience is that you will be exposed to ideas and perspectives that are very different from your own. Really consider the arguments, opinions and views of others.

Meet a lot of people
Create your own social network and be open to meeting people who have completely different backgrounds and perspectives. You will learn a lot and develop meaningful friendships that may last a lifetime.

Take care of yourself
A healthy body is as important as a healthy mind. Eat right, get enough sleep and make time to exercise. Exercise has been shown to improve memory, keep the mind sharp and help you handle stress.

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