Beaufort County School District welcomes students, staff back into classrooms for hybrid learning

Back To School

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – Beaufort County schools opened their doors to students and staff Monday for the first day of hybrid learning.

The Beaufort County School District’s reopening plan is designed for half of the students to go in for face-to-face instruction while the other half works remote the remainder of the week. On Wednesdays, schools will be closed for deep cleaning and all students will work virtually.

Masks are required inside schools and social distancing must be practiced.

Broad River Elementary School is one of the many in the district that has been planning for students to return for months. Faculty says having students back is ideal for many reasons.

“I think its easier to see how kids are learning based off of physical cues in the classroom. I think it’ll be a lot easier to tell if they’re understanding or not understanding and what I can help with,” said first-year third-grade teacher, Mackenzie Peters.

“We will be teaching kids about what social distance is, how we should wash our hands, why we need to stay six feet away, apart from our friends, why we can’t hug our teachers. There’s going to be a lot of education around all of that,” added Principal Constance Goodwine-Lewis.

The district plans to continue hybrid learning until it is safe to have everyone back on school grounds. They will be in close collaboration with local and state health officials to monitor COVID-19 data.

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