Tyler Nicole

Reporter, Weekend Morning Anchor

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Tyler Nicole, a passionate storyteller hailing from Atlanta, joins WSAV as a Weekend Morning Anchor. With a diverse background in journalism, Tyler’s journey has been one of unwavering dedication to sharing compelling stories.

Tyler’s career took her to the hills of West Virginia, where she served as a Lifestyle Anchor and Reporter for over a year. During her tenure, she delved into various segments, from enlightening education reports to savoring delectable cuisines. Her reporting skills know no bounds, and her viewers eagerly await her every story.

Beyond the newsroom, Tyler’s heart belongs to her beloved dog and the thrill of horseback riding. In her free time, she explores new cuisines and escapes to the beach, drawing inspiration from the world around her.

Tyler is more than just a news anchor; she’s a community advocate. Her passion lies in giving a voice to those often unheard, sharing impactful community stories that touch hearts and inspire change. As WSAV’s Weekend Morning Anchor, Tyler continues to bring these stories to life, enriching the lives of her viewers with each broadcast.

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