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Born in Rockland County, New York, Martin Fitzgerald Staunton brings nearly 30 years of broadcast experience to the WSAV News Team.

In his early teens, Martin’s family moved from the Empire State to West Virginia. After high school, Martin started his career in radio in 1986 in Beckley, West Virginia and made the move to TV News in 1990. Since then, Martin has worked behind and in front of the TV news cameras, cutting his broadcast journalism teeth in the mountains of West Virginia, where he graduated from high school and college.

Martin relishes the role of general assignment reporter and has even spent some time embedded with troops in Afghanistan. Martin has covered crime, consumer issues, government, the military, politics, and more.  He also has extensive investigative reporting experience, once uncovering a story that impacted everyone living in the Mountain State. Government in-fighting between department heads led to brand new, high tech flood monitors collecting dust in a warehouse for more than a year. It was Martin’s I-Team report that revealed the truth of why this vital equipment was not deployed. Within days of breaking the story, the Governor ordered the installation of the monitors and resignations were handed in. Martin is excited to bring that kind of journalistic tenacity to the Coastal Empire and the Low Country. He says no story is too big or too small. “From murder to marshmallow festivals, I can cover it all,” said Staunton. He adds, “in this day and age, accurate, up-to-the-minute information is vital to making a well-informed decision and my goal is to keep the viewer well informed.”

Recently widowed in his 25th year of his marriage, Martin is now a single dad to a pair of teenage daughters.

“Savannah holds wonderful memories for me and my daughters.  We had a number of family vacations here before my wife passed away in September 2013,” said Staunton. He adds, “it is the perfect place for us to begin a new chapter in our lives and for me to continue the type of reporting that can make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Martin earned his undergraduate degree from West Virginia State University with a concentration in communications. When he’s not chasing a lead story, Martin enjoys golf, snow skiing, and the ocean.

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