Brett Buffington

Brett is from a farm near Augusta, Georgia. Growing up, he’d practice doing the news by watching local TV station WJBF and with his mom, reading the closed captioning like the teleprompter.

From starting out as a production assistant, then editor, photographer, and now reporter, Brett is proud to tell stories with compassion. 

Before Savannah, Brett worked in Houston. He was there in 2017 with KHOU when it flooded and the station had to be abandoned.

“It was the most challenging time in my career, but I grew, our team grew, and everyone I worked with there is stronger for it,” Brett said. 

“I don’t like to talk about awards, it’s not why I’m here” but Brett says he will share that he loves getting to share stories in Savannah.

If you have a story idea, you can email Brett at You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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