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9 On Your Side goes "Under the Dome"

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WILMINGTON, N.C. - Season two of "Under the Dome" is filming right now in Wilmington.

The series is based on a novel by Stephen King. King spent some time on set this season and even wrote the first episode.

Behind The Scenes With The Actors:

"I think that's the perfect preview to what this season is going to be,” said Mackenzie Lintz, who plays “Norrie” on Under the Dome. “We're trapped and we're getting more and more trapped."

As the characters learn more about the dome, we’re learning more about them.

"Junior goes through a lot of painful things a lot of good things but he's very much becoming his own person,” said actor Alex Koch.

Koch plays Junior on Under the Dome.

“He's getting away from his father's influence and trying to do what is right,” said Koch.

"Last season it was a little rough, this season he has a transformation moment and gets visited by some ghosts of people he's killed and believes the dome has better and bigger things for him,” said Dean Norris, who plays “Big Jim” on the series.

We also meet new characters in Season 2, including “Big Jim’s” brother-in-law, Sam, who is played by Eddie Cahill.

"He has a very strong connection and history with what's currently going on,” said Cahill.

We also meet a mysterious new girl named Melanie, played by Grace Victoria Cox.

“She doesn't even know,” said Cox. “She's not only a mystery to everyone around her but also to herself."

Chester’s Mill also introduces high school science teacher, Rebecca, played by Karla Crome.

"If I was watching... I'd be closely monitoring Rebecca and her motives,” said Crome.

As we prepare for the season premiere, the cast and crew says no one is safe under the dome.
"Get ready for the whole season because it's going to be a lot more of what you see in episode one," said Koch.

Behind The Scenes With The Crew:

"This season has really been about transformation in a lot of ways and the dome is doing some strange things to our characters and to itself,” said visual effects supervisor, Adam Avitavile.

That keeps Avitavile’s team on their toes. Everything the dome does in the script, they have to make happen on screen.

"How far is it going to go? Everytime you think it's gone to that point and they can't go any further than that… it does in the next episode,” said Avitavile.

This season, we learn the dome is magnetic and things like knives and nails start flying. While a lot of it is done by visual effects. Much is actually real, which is where the stunt coordinator comes in.

"It was challenging to say the least," said stunt coordinator, Peter King.

The crew has to make sure everything is rigged properly, which means items are hung from fishing wire and ropes, then pulled across the set. The actor’s movements are choreographed so they don’t get hit.

"At the beginning we had three pans flying at us so it was like we are actually dodging kitchenware, so we here we go,” said Mackenzie Lintz, who plays “Norrie” in the series. “But we felt so safe, the whole time."

Nearly every character has a stunt double. Remington Steele doubles for Mike Vogel who plays “Barbie.” So far, he’s made an appearance in every episode and has a pretty big role in the season premiere.

"Barbie is handcuffed and gets out of the vehicle, the dome starts acting up... I get thrown on to the ground, dragged across the concrete and pinned to the wall. It was awesome,” said Steele.

With so many stunts and doubles, the costume designer has multiples of everything. Barbie has 12 pairs of the same jeans.

"Barbie wears the same jeans and the same boots in every single episode. He just changes his shirt. That's just him. He got stuck there with a duffle bag,” said costume designer Robbie McKeithan.

Each department works together to create and fuel what we see on screen. While they may be behind the scenes, the crew all says the same thing: no one is safe under the dome.
"Get ready for a lot more. If they like the first episode, there is a lot more to come. The magnetism is by far the least of their problems."

Still Ahead Under The Dome:

Just when we think we have the slightest idea about the dome, we’re thrown for another loop.

Many of the cast members say the dome is much like a character itself. It has feelings and a raging personality. Speaking of personality, we see a different side of “Big Jim.”

“It kind of launches “Big Jim” on this new path were he believes he's been anointed by the dome. And he's going to try to do the right thing,” said actor Dean Norris. “The question though, is how long will he stick to that."

Cast members also reveal to 9 On Your Side there will be a little drama unfolding with some of the teenage characters as they meet a mysterious new girl, named Melanie.

"I think you'll see a little bit of innocence in Melanie's character from the beginning that's really sweet,” said actor Colin Ford who plays “Joe.”

He says there will be conflict between Melanie, Norrie and Joe.

“Norrie is not a fan of a girl who comes in a tries to steal her boyfriend. You'll see a little bit of that and it gets a little catty,” said Mackenzie Lintz, who plays “Norrie” in the series.

"I think it's really funny to see a love triangle with people who are so opposite,” said actor Grace Victoria Cox. “So it will be fun to watch it unfold.” Cox plays “Melanie” who is new this season.

As you’re watching during Season 2, keep an eye on the artwork that appears. It’s a major part of the storyline. But behind the scenes, it’s actually created by the show’s director and executive producer, Jack Bender.

"This is a painting that will be in the show in episode 12. It's going to be what Pauline foresaw because she has visions of the paintings,” said Bender.

He says we’ll see several paintings of “Big Jim” and “Junior” in the next few episodes.

Under The Dome airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on WNCT-TV, Channel 9.
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