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"He Was Taken From Us"

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Its been nearly two years since Wesley Franklin was shot and killed Its been nearly two years since Wesley Franklin was shot and killed
Wesley Franklin would have been 23 years old Wesley Franklin would have been 23 years old
CHATHAM COUNTY, GA - Birthday's are supposed to be about families and celebration.

But instead of blowing out candles, Wesley Franklin's family is mourning, and wondering when justice will be served.

"You wake up in the morning, want to make that call," said Jimmy Franklin, Wesley's Father. "Its hard to talk about. You want to make plans for dinner or what you can do for it. I can't do that because he's not here."

He is Wesley Franklin - and this was supposed to be his 23rd birthday.

But a killer's bullet took Wes's life, and left Jimmy Franklin with nothing but pictures and memories.

"The way I look at it now is that I have two birthdays this month and every month in June," said Franklin. "The day he was born in the world and the day he was born into heaven."

"They had a boy to carry on the Franklin name and he was the one, the only one left to carry it on right now. But that's all been taken from us."

It was June 25th 2012, only 15 days after his 21st birthday that Wesley was shot and killed by a robber's bullet as he sat in a Sandfly bar.

"Harder today or the 25th?"
"Every day," explains Jimmy. "His birthday and the 25th are going to be the two most difficult days, but every day we wake up its hard."

Harder still because the man who's admitted pulling the trigger, Brandon Mackey, is still in jail, but has not been sentenced.

Leaving the Franklin's without even the semblance of closure.

"You didn't have to do it," said Franklin about Brandon Mackey. "You could have walked away easily. Ran away and nobody would have been hurt. It could have happened that way but it didn't. Now my belief is an eye for an eye and justice needs to be served."

"Is him sitting in jail the rest of his life justice?"

"If it sends a lesson to people out there who chose to take this lifestyle then its well worth it," explained Franklin.

"Yeah it will satisfy me if he sits there every day for the rest of his life."

A Life that Jimmy Franklin feels is a little emptier without his son to talk to.
"If you could say anything to Wesley today what would it be?"
"Happy Birthday. Love You. But he knows that."

The Franklin's are meeting with the Chatham County District Attorney's Office Wednesday about the case.

There is still a chance, Brandon Mackey will plead guilty.

If he doesn't, the murder trial to due to start August 4.
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