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Would Your House Be Underwater?

If all the world's ice melted, would you be underwater?

Considering where we live, this is a no-brainer.  But the National Geographic has created a series of interactive maps that show the catastrophic effect Earth's ice could cause if melted and flowed into the oceans and seas. 

Ice sheets surrounding the North and South poles make up 10 percent of our entire planet's surface.  It's believed Earth has about five million cubic miles of frozen water.

If all of this melted, this could cause sea levels to rise by 216 feet.  This would devour cities and even countries.  Scientists say this could wipe out entire populations.

According to the report, the entire Atlantic seaboard in the US would vanish.  It would wipe out the Gulf Coast too. 

Experts believe it could take about 5,000 years for temperatures to rise enough to melt all the ice.  Yes, it is a long time off, but some say we should worry now because the planet is already seeing the beginnings of this. 

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our sea levels have already risen by around seven inches. 

The EPA claims that the overall ice reduction depends on several factors, including the rate at which levels of greenhouse gases rise and how global temperatures react to this gas increase. 

Some scientists believe we could create a very hot planet.  The average temperature would climb to 80 instead of the current 58.  It could become too hot for humans.  It would also be the first time Earth has been ice-free in 34 million years. 



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