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How to Dispose of Cooking Grease?

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We are at the dawn of the season of some serious cooking.

Soon, many will move from with tailgating to Halloween parties and then the holiday season will be officially underway.

This is the time of year when the city of Savannah puts out a message that's all about kitchen grease.

This little box serves a big function for the eateries than line River Street. It's the grease receptacle. But what is a regular citizen to do when it comes to their kitchens?

The proper disposal of kitchen grease is the focus of a campaign by the Savannah's water reclamation department. We hit the streets to ask people if they know what to do with cooking oil after using it at home.

Tamile Wells knows what to do.

"Once you're done, you're supposed to keep it in a receptacle. You're not supposed to pour it outside."

To see the problems the improper disposal of household kitchen grease causes, you have to go underground. We obtained a video of the inside of a Savannah sewer line, and much of the buildup you see along the walls of this pipe is due to city residents dumping their grease down the drain.

Water reclamation leaders here say a lot of people think it takes a little heat to get the grease out of the kitchen but Bryan Shaw, with the city says that is not the case.

"Some residents believe that if I turn the hot water on that the grease is going to be okay, but what happens is that grease will cool down and solidify in your lines. It will go down as a liquid, but over time it will cool down, solidify, and clog up your lines."

Later in the year, around Thanksgiving time, the city will do a bigger push to get the message out. Bottom line, do not pour fried grease down the drain it will clog up your lines.

There are two preferred options for kitchen grease disposal. With both, you need to let the grease cool and harden in a container of some kind.

Shaw says you can either wrap it in a plastic bag and toss it out with the trash,or you can bring it to the water reclamation facility on president street for recycling.

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