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Frat sends 'rape bait' email, giving tips on how to seduce co-eds

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An Atlanta fraternity's e-mail is causing a stir.

The letter used the phrase "rape bait."

That's what women are referred to in a controversial email sent from a Georgia Tech fraternity member to pledges about seducing women with alcohol.

The fraternity chapter has suspended the student who sent the offensive email and has also put itself on suspension as Georgia Tech and the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity continue their investigation.

Steve Gehlbach from WJBF now reports one former pledge is defending the e-mail.

The email went viral online Monday and a report from WJBF-TV.

It reads as a how-to guide on how to talk to women at parties, get them drunk, dance sexually with them, then have intercourse.

The email says, quote, "If anything ever fails, go get more alcohol."

"It's a whole, it's really not that bad."

Jake Baker got the email during rush a few weeks ago.

The freshman is no longer a Phi-Tau pledge, but is defending his friends, saying, in context, the email was just locker room humor.

"There's a few pledges that aren't super good with girls and it's basically just sort of getting on them, like a a big brother/little brother kinda thing."

"It was a joke."

Baker says the kind of parties, dancing, and drinking portrayed in the letter does not happen here, but the email includes the advice of quote "no raping" and is signed "in luring rape bait" followed by the name of the fraternity's social chair.

"He's a college student, so I understand that he messed up, but yes, it's kind of disturbing."

Other women on campus are more forgiving, calling it more silly than disturbing.

"I think it's unfortunate it was blown so out of proportion."

 "As a whole, I don't think you can read the entirety of it and really take it as something meant to be serious.

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