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Congressman Kingston Mulls Questions In Syria

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The situation in Syria is on many minds this holiday weekend. The president said over the weekend he would seek Congressional approval before taking any military action there. Congressman Jack Kingston spoke out about the issue today in Savannah. President Obama is seeking Congressional approval to take military action against Syria after the country's leaders allegedly used chemical weapons against their own people. Congressman Kingston say's glad the President will go before Congress - because there are a lot of questions that should be answered before a decision is made.

When congress reconvenes next week - a decision on whether or not to take action against Syria will be at the top of their agenda. Congressman Jack Kingston says, "We're gonna have a lot of questions and those questions are you know - what are the means of this? Are we gonna do it from the sea or from the air only? Do we have any allies at all and will they be with us? And then do we have rebels who we will be coordinating with? What is mission accomplished? What's the ultimate objective and how will we know what success is?" All questions Congressman Kingston says need to be answered - not just for Congress, but for a war-weary American public. "There is absolutely war fatigue - because you know, President Bush announced the end of major conflicts in Iraq - President Obama said if elected, I'll get us out of the Middle East, and that has not happened and it has not been a smooth transition."

Congressman Kingston says he's had limited feedback from his constituents on Syria so far, but most have not been in favor of getting involved. He says that's the way he's leaning himself, "Right now I'm leaning no - but I want to find out how wide of a strike this would be and what would be the ramifications of it? We know Russia and China will veto this if we go through the United Nations - but the question is - well what are you gonna do if we strike? Because you know, are they gonna sit there passively and say that's okay? I don't think that will be the case." Cooperation or understanding of the international community an important factor before engaging in international policing these days according to Congressman Kingston, "Why won't the un help us? I think a lot of that is we have lost a lot of clout with Russia and China. There was a time when I think the United Nations would have begrudgingly said "yes - let's let America do this – but I think with a situation like this - when you look at Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and Egypt - we haven't been right in a lot of these decisions." Congress reconvenes one week from today on September 9th.

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