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Bubba Hiers Admits Using "N" Word

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Paula Deen has come under fire lately, all because of a word she allegedly said.

WSAV News 3 is taking a hard look at the racial discrimination lawsuit against her, and we found this all started because of what her brother Earl "Bubba" Hiers was allegedly saying and doing inside his restaurant.

Hiers first admitted using the "N" word under oath.

Hiers added:

"I do remember reading off my cell phone one day a joke using the "n" word."

"Okay. To Ms. Jackson," Jackson's lawyers asked.

"She was present," Hiers added.

Jackson's lawyers continued by asking:

"Is that the only time you ever used the "N" word at Uncle Bubba's?"

"You know, I've used it before," said Bubba.

"How much do you regret using it?"

 "A lot," Hiers said.

There was also a very adult discussion of dirty and inappropriate jokes told by Hiers and Deen herself.

"She tells dirty jokes?" Jackson's lawyers asked.

"They could be considered dirty." said Hiers.

"Would you consider a joke about why men should date women with flat heads to be a dirty joke?"

"I would think it would be considered a dirty joke." said Bubba.

In his deposition, Hiers admitted he used the "N" word himself.

But when asked about whether his sister, Paula Deen, used the racial slur.

"But you're saying your sister, she has never done so? Is that correct?"

"I have never heard my sister use that word."

Another issue brought up throughout the deposition is pornography. Lawyers asked Hiers about whether he looked at inappropriate content at the restaurant.

"Now the computer at Uncle Bubba's that you were using to look at porn was in the office at the back of the restaurant, is that right?"

"There was a kitchen computer.... And an office computer," answered Hiers.

"Where is the office computer located physically within the restaurant?"

"The front house office is located right off the main dining room," said Bubba.

"And it was the front house office that you were using to look at porn?"

"I, I did use that computer," answered Hiers.

"But did you use it to look at porn?"

"I did use, use it."

"Did you use the kitchen computer to also look at porn?"

"I have," said Hiers.

"If somebody comes in the office and you're sitting there looking at porn, they see you sitting there looking at porn?"  


Under oath, Hiers also admitted to stealing money from the daily deposit, several thousand dollars over two plus years.  

Deen's lawyers have called the entire lawsuit "baseless" and asked for it to be thrown out.  

A federal judge has yet to rule on that motion.

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