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Cross Dressing Man Arrested for Child Porn

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Hundreds-- that's how many people the Effingham Sheriff's Office says download child pornography in our area every day.

How do they know? They are tracking the suspected sex offenders' every move online.

Now, a convicted felon is back behind bars and spokesperson, David Ehsanipoor says more arrests are coming.

"You may get away with it tomorrow, next week, maybe next year, but eventually we are going to come to your door step and you are going to go to jail."

And for Donald Stuart, that time came sooner rather than later. The 52-year-old Springfield man already spent time in a federal prison for the sexual exploitation of a child, but this week he was arrested for round two.

"On Mr. Stuart's computer we found hundreds of images and videos of child pornography, and they vary from children ranging in age from six to eight years old, all the way up to eleven years old. Some of these are so graphic that I can't even talk about," says Ehsanipoor.

The Effingham Sheriff's Office is a part of the statewide "Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force." Stuart, who prefers to dress in drag, popped up on their radar a few weeks ago through other child porn investigations.

That's when they found his profile on a social media site that is known for its vast library of illegal content.

"Based on the child pornography he was downloading and what he was talking about on these social media websites---like incest and things that wouldn't even be prudent to talk about on television--we knew we had to take a look into what he was doing. This one was one of the worst of the worst."

So knowing Stuart is now behind bars is a big win for the good guys, but there are a lot more like Stuart out there.

"As I'm sitting here talking to you, face to face, I can sit here and look at that screen and see that there are at least one hundred people, within maybe seventy five miles, actively downloading child porn. This is something that is rampant."

Ehsanipoor says they come from all walks of life, and that's why it's so important to know your neighbors.

We did some digging on county websites and found that there are 507 registered offenders in Chatham County and 31 in Beaufort County.

Knowing where they are is half the battle-- so we have compiled many helpful websites so you can see if sex offenders live close to you.

On the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's website, you can not only search for sex offenders, but also sexually dangerous predators and absconders. That website is

If you are in South Carolina, visit to search for offenders in your area.

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