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Roses, Wine & Chocolate...Weather Controls It All

It's Valentine's Day, and many of us search for that perfect gift for our loved one. 

Popular choices are always roses, chocolate and wine.  And weather plays an important role in the production of each one.

Roses...Temperature plays a huge part here.  A rose bush can suffer damage if the temperature falls below 55.4 degrees F or if it exceeds 86 degrees.

They grow best with a daytime temperature between 68 degrees and 82.4 degrees.  Any other variation can spell tragedy.

Because this can be a tough call, many grow roses in a greenhouse.

Wine...To get the grape from the vine to the bottle, it takes just the right combination of weather events.

First, the grapevines need to grow at a site with good soil drainage, full sunlight and soil that is nutrient-poor.

Too much water around the roots of the grapevine will kill the plant or at least cause it to produce poor quality fruit. 

Full sunlight is another important factor.  Sunlight is the biggest part of a plant's photosynthesis process.  Plants absorb energy from the sunlight.  This energy is then converted into glucose in the plant.  This is the 'sugar' in the grape that ferments to become alcohol.

And finally nutrient-poor soil is important.  The color and flavor that come from a grape are stored mostly in the grape's skin.  A large grape has more juice and less skin.  The vine is grown in a nutrient-poor soil so that the plant becomes stressed, and this will help to concentrate the flavor.  Smaller grapes will develop, and this is perfect for wine.'s made from cocoa beans. The beans grow inside a cacao pod, which grows on a cacao tree. 

The cacao tree needs just the right weather conditions.

First, they are best in the shade.  They also prefer a constant temperature of 77 degrees.

Next is rainfall.  The trees should ideally receive between 40-80 inches a year.

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