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Letter From Los Angeles Said John and Liz Calvert's Bodies In Eastover, SC

Five years later and still no sign of a missing Hilton Head couple-but the Beaufort County sheriff believes we could be closer to finding their bodies.  John and Liz Calvert disappeared March 3rd of 2008.

The last known person to see them--their accountant Dennis Gerwing--committed suicide a day after being named a person of interest.  He left two notes behind--but nothing in them gave clues to the couples whereabouts.


It's a puzzle missing that final piece and it seems everyone wants to find it.


"People in the community are obviously interested by the mystery," Captain Bob Bromage with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said.

But for almost five years, nothing anyone offered fit. Where are the bodies of John and Liz Calvert who disappeared in 2008 and declared dead in 2009?

Last year, a new clue investigators hoped would answer that burning question.


"The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the FBI out of Columbia received anonymous letters with pictures of a geographic location in Eastover, SC, where allegedly the Calverts were buried," Bromage said.


A full search team including an archeologist with a magnetometer pilfered through the one acre of remote land.  Not only because they follow-up on leads but this one seemed to make sense.


"We thought that was going to be the opportunity. Because it fit everything we believed happen," Sheriff PJ Tanner said.


Tanner's theory is this:

Accountant Dennis Gerwing removed the bodies of the Calverts from Hilton Head and drove a 12-hour radius, leaving the bodies in a remote area such as the Eastover location. Hopeful- they diligently searched for days.


"But we found nothing to indicate the Calverts were there," Bromage said.


Another search, another hope that brought nothing.


When leads come in, we do our best to clear them, follow them, figure out if there's any validity to them, and we move on," Msgt. Angela Viens with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said.


There were no human remains in the specific lot in Eastover but whether we should really "clear it" and move on from the tip depends on who you ask.


"It was anonymous, mailed through Los Angeles as a matter of fact," Bromage said.  "It could have been somebody who saw it on TV, was interested and for lack of a better word wanted to mess with the police," he said.


But Sheriff Tanner is not calling it a wild goose chase just yet.


"They made an indication that they would provide more information at a later date," Tanner said of the person who sent the letter.  "But it took them three years to send that letter. I still think we're going to find the Calverts.  Unfortunately the Calverts are deceased but I still say we're going to find them.  It's just a matter of time," Tanner said.


There is also a cold case review team that studies this case.  They are a group of retired law enforcement officers and five years after the disappearance Sheriff

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