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Woman Leaving Savannah Over Concerns About Crime

Everything from business to jobs, to tourism will be on Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson's agenda over the next year…but the issue most folks are worried about is crime-- especially one woman who contacted News 3. She told us her neighbor was robbed-- and doesn't feel safe in Savannah-- so she is ready to move away. News 3 took those concerns, directly to the Mayor. This was her response.

"Anytime someone experiences something like that they are going to say the city is bad. Our city is not bad. Its an unfortunate situation…we don't want these things to happen in our community, but you can't run away from it, but you can talk to us about it and help us make changes. My home was broken into years ago. In my house while I was there. Had I up and left this town. I can't hold a city responsible. Not only am I wanting her to come and talk to me, but I will come to her and talk with her. We are making changes. We've increased the budget of the police department. Not only that but our chief doing a fantastic job reorganizing the department."

News 3 spoke to the woman behind that letter. The neighbor says she contacted News 3 because she's concerned about the way her young neighbor has been victimized and wanted to bring attention to her situation and hopefully get her some help. Not only has she had to replace stolen items twice, she's now facing moving expenses to get out of town. Yvonne Thomas has spent the past week packing up her house and planning a move closer to family in Baltimore. The decision to leave Savannah came after her home was broken into last week for the second time in just five months. She says, "Everything of value was gone - my car keys, some of my daughter's stuff, my computer - both my computers - my flat screens, my kid's TVs, my safe - they stole one of the clips to my gun and they stole my tools - some food, some oatmeal - just whatever they had arms for they took it."

Neighbor Paula Brisbane contacted News three - concerned about the young woman and what she's been through, "She's lost a lot and she's a veteran and she's a person that stands for something - she's a single mom and she shouldn't have to bear this loss…when she told me that she was gonna leave - I felt real bad about that because this is my home right here." Yvonne was honorably discharged after four years in the military and began work on a degree at Savannah State in August. She spent time deployed to Iraq - but says it's her experience in Savannah that has her suffering from anxiety, "I didn't think I really had PTSD until this - because I don't even feel safe in my own country. I told my mother, I felt safer in Iraq because at least I knew who the enemy was - I knew what they looked like - here - everybody's "hey - how you doing?" The first time her home was broken into - the landlord installed bars over the kitchen window where the burglar had entered. She installed sensor alarms on the doors and armed herself. The recent break-in was through her young daughter's bedroom window. She says that's what scared her into leaving, "I'm gonna transfer to another school - I'm gonna have to break my lease. I just don't even feel safe in my own house. I literally sleep with my gun in my hand - if it's not in my hand - it's under my pillow cause I don't want anything to happen to my daughter."

Yvonne isn't sure if she'll owe any additional rent because of breaking her lease. She hasn't heard from her landlord since the most recent break-in. News 3 told her some of what the Mayor had to say about her situation and crime in the city. She says the Mayor faced a different situation when her home was broken into years ago - she obviously had ties to the city, but Yvonne isn't from here and says she'll feel better moving back with family. She says she wouldn't mind taking the Mayor up on her offer to talk though.

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