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Animal Predictions

Phil didn't see his shadow this past weekend, and he is calling for an early spring. 

In America, the groundhog is the most popular animal believed to be able to predict the weather.  Whether you're a believer or not, other creatures are known to forecast a coming storm or a hot day.

Frogs...these loud amphibians are said to croak even longer and louder than usual when bad weather is on the horizon.  Some say when you hear their volume increase, you can assume a storm is brewing.

Birds...depending on how low our feathered friends are flying, we can determine how bad the weather is going to be.  It's been said that if birds are flying high, the weather is clear.  But if they're flying closer to the ground, the air pressure of a storm system is causing them pain at higher altitudes. say cows can forecast the weather.  The legend goes like this...when cows sense bad weather, they become restless and antsy and begin to swat flies with their tails or lie down in the pasture to save a dry spot.

 Bees and Butterflies...when these disappear from the flower beds, you can expect some strong weather coming your way.  The folklore goes that if they're not in their usual spots, something is up.

Sheep..."When sheep gather in a huddle, tomorrow will have trouble."  Although this rhyme is cute, the weather that comes with it isn't.  It's believed that you can expect a storm when these animals crowd together and shield each other.

Ladybugs...they are one of the cutest insects around, and they could give us a hint about the day's thermostat.  "When they swarm, expect a day that's warm."  On the other hand, if you notice the black and red bugs looking for shelter, then cold weather is on the way. preparation for bad weather, red and black ants sometimes build up their mounds for extra protection or to cover the mounds' holes.  So if you notice higher mounds than usual in your yard, it's probably best to close the windows.



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