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Heart Disease Survivor Pushes Awareness


Beautine Grayson loves life and family.
In 2011 while having lunch she saw her life change in an instant.
"I thought I had indigestion and everything I took it didn't go away.
So I finally told my husband I think I better go to the hospital."
Good thing she listened to her instincts.  Heart disease creeped up on her.
wasting no time Beautine's doctor walked her through the diagnosis.
"He says you got 3 blockages in which I had a triple bypass.  Two of my blockages was 90%.   One was 95%."
Close to having a heart attack Beautine was worried about the outcome and the sweethearts she had to live for.
"I was a little scared, and I just started praying you know I just started praying.  I said Lord just let me get through this because I have a granddaughter that was gonna graduate that year."
Leaning on faith would make this health journey easier to bear.
"When my surgeon came in and when he told me he said between God and me you'll make it that made me feel so much better because I felt like I wouldn't make it."      
After a successful surgery and graduating from cardiac rehab at St. Joseph's/Candler Beautine changed her outlook on life. 
"I ate a lot of greasy foods which I really have cut down on.  Just stay away from the greasy foods cause that can really clog up your arteries."
Now she's enjoying what she almost lost making memories with her grand children.
"Slide down…all right.  Wanna see how tall you are.  Come on let's see how tall you are.  See!    Seeing life in a new perspective, Beautine is determined to keep movin' by sticking with a her own cardiac and healthier eating plan.
"Stay away from all the greasy foods.  I mean it really helps when you do that and eat more salads and basically exercise.  That helps a lot,"
Beautine shares this story because her heart scare made her understand the message of knowing the symptoms and getting help quickly.
"If you think something is wrong don't wait.  Go and get it checked out.  It might not be, but it's better to be safe than sorry."  
Beautine told me she continues her regular check-ups, and when preparing her food, she uses olive oil or canola oil because vegetable oil, surprisingly, is loaded with animal fat.  Some heart disease symptoms are easier to read than others.
Women, don't write it off as just another day of stress.  Your heart is trying to tell you something.  Some of the signs of a female heart attack include extreme fatigue and paleness, unexplained anxiety...
Abdominal pain, back pain, faint spells, racing heart, and cold sweats.
Doctors suggest women keep a close check on their numbers, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.  Stop smoking, and check your family history for heart disease. 

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