WeatherWise Kids: What is Wind Chill?

Well the wind chill factor is the temperature that your body feels when you combine cold air and wind! Only people and animals are affected by wind chill.
The colder and windier it is outside the faster your exposed skin loses heat… which over time lowers your core body temperature.  The lower the wind chill, the more likely you are to encounter hypothermia and even frostbite. Frostbite occurs when you skin literally freezes!
This past winter in Savannah the lowest the wind chill got was 9° as many of us were heading to work and school. The all-time lowest wind chill for Savannah goes even lower than that!  On January 21st, 1985, around 8 AM the temperature was 3° with winds at 12 mph…dropping our wind chill to a frigid -13°. In fact for those who weren't protected and didn't dress in layers, frostbite was possible in under an hour!
Now if you think that's cold, wait until you hear the lowest wind chill ever recorded on earth! In August of 2005 at a Russian research station on Antarctica the wind chill dropped to an unbelievable -191°. Too cold to even imagine.
- WSAV Meteorologist Matt Devitt

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