Truman Parkway still closed, evaluating for safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) -- The Truman Parkway has been closed since Wednesday morning when ice and then snow turned the roadway into an accident zone.

"People were slipping and sliding all over the place," says Major Richard Zapal who is the Patrol Commander for Metro Police.

Zapal says while the DOT is technically in charge of the roadway - that it was Metro officers who had the up-close look at conditions on the Truman. Because of that, police closed the Truman for public safety reasons.

As of Friday morning, the entire Parkway from President Street to Whitebluff Road and beyond to the new southside exits all remain closed. Zapal says that bridges ice faster and stay icy longer because of the higher elevation and people need to remember the Truman is "basically one long bridge because the entire Parkway is up higher."

He says later today the DOT will be in town to evaluate conditions on the Truman.

Dennis Jones from CEMA (Chatham County Emergency Management) tells us that the concern is that temperatures will drop again Friday night, causing freezing conditions.  Jones says that it's possible at least some sections of the Truman might open later Friday but he also surmises it may be Saturday morning.  Jones says the DOT is bringing in supplies of brine (a mixture used to de-ice) and will treat much of the Truman while the County will treat a remainder of the roadway closer to the downtown area.

Meanwhile, the drawbridge on the Islands Expressway is closed as well because there have been issues with sanding that bridge.


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