New Jersey couple says I-95 snow nightmare was all worth it to pick up rescue dog from Georgia

HARDEEVILLE, Sc. (WSAV) - His name is Banks, but they call him Mr. Banks-a rescue dog from Hinesville, Georgia.

"He was attacked by another dog, they think. He had some puncture wounds on the back of his leg, he was brought into animal control and Carpathia Paws had helped," said Robert Liedtka, "They thought he would be able to get around better with three legs and he seems to not be missing it at all. He's been running around and as happy, happy as a dog be."

He and his wife, Alison, support the animal rescue, Carpathia Paws, and say when they saw Banks, they had to come get him... But it wasn't easy.

They spent three days traveling on I-95 from Lawrenceville, New Jersey to Hinesville.

"One day, we could only make it for about three hours on the 95 because of the ice. It was really nasty," Robert said.

"Cars were skidding out, in front of us, in back of us, and we just didn't want to chance it anymore, so we luckily got off the highway," Alison said, "My husband was smart enough to rent a hotel room... online. We got the last room in Walterboro. So yeah we made it there, we were safe."

Others weren't so lucky. The ice on I-95 caused accident after accident and standstill traffic for two days. Gas stations ran out of gas and many slept in their cars right off Exit 8 in Hardeeville.

Even when areas of the interstate cleared up, cars and trucks would speed right into more traffic.

"Where we were getting freezing conditions, we would break the ice and then you know it would re-freeze," said Kevin Turner with the South Carolina Dept. of Transportation, "We had a couple of vehicles, some semis predominantly, that had lost traction and come off the side of the road."

South Carolina Governor Henry Mcmaster called in the National Guard to help remove the trucks from the interstate. SCDOT even tripled their staff in the Lowcountry.

"For every one local personnel, we had two that were in from the upstate," Turner said, "And we certainly got the opportunity to learn a lot from those guys." Such as, when to lay salt and sand solutions and when to wait as to not waste resources.

As ice begins to melt and roads return to normal Friday, the Liedtka's set out back on the 95 with their new addition.

"We made it down here to Mr. Banks," Alison said, "So being able to support him and also adding a really happy addition to our family definitely makes it all worth it."

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