Georgia Ports Authority celebrates administrative professionals

It's National Administrative Professionals Week.

One of our region's largest employers has planned a big celebration for tomorrow and Wednesday.

If you've been in Garden City or crossing the Talmadge Bridge you may notice the movement, big cranes, and hustle and bustle at the Georgia Ports Authority.

Out of view are close to 100 dedicated Administrative Professionals.

Their hard work is being thanked with an attitude of gratitude.

"Our Admin are such an important part of our success here at the GPA.

I like to refer to them as our Unsung Heroes because they all are behind the scenes, and they

get the work and the job done," explains HR Assistant Manager Tanya Chisholm.

GPA promotes professional success and career growth.

In fact, some of the administrative professionals have put in more than a decade with GPA...others longer.

"GPA is a great place to work.  And so once you find that great place to work…you know people say I don't want a job I want a career, and that's what our Admin have focused on here at the GPA.

With everyone pitching in and focusing as a team that's why the GPA is so successful today."

This year's theme is Celebrating Administrative Excellence.

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