Alcohol, Litter and Highway 80 top Candidate Form, as did Candidate Attendance

TYBEE ISLAND, GA - Dozens of Tybee Island neighbors turned out to hear what city council candidates had to say on a number of important issues. Only two of the six candidates, however, showed up.

Litter, alcohol, roadway safety and a public pool highlight the questions for candidates at the forum that residents had only two of the six candidates to share their opinions on.

"I was very disappointed, I don't know why they did not come but i just think they missed the chance to answer good questions from, seemed like fair good questions that people wrote them down on the way in," says Tybee Island resident Deb Baber.

It was the elephant in the room that citizens let their feelings known about. All six candidates said they would attend, but citing last minute concerns about fairness to coordinators, four candidates did not show.

"I am really just sad that they didn't show up, this is depriving you of what you are entitled to as part of the election process," says incumbent and city council candidate Paul Wolff.

The lack of candidates did not stop those that did make it, Paul Wolff and Julie Livingston, from tackling the issues including the developing alcohol ordinance to better control public intoxication and  during events like Orange Crush.

"I don't see how, as Julie stated, I don't see how we can selectively ban alcohol it's certainly worth discussion, I'm very curious to see what the proposal is in detail," Wolff says.

Both candidates, in the end, felt restricting alcohol on the beaches at any rate was not a proper option. A recurring issue was that of the referendum for a public pool to be built and paid for by the city. Both candidates stated they would support it if residents voted in favor of it. Lastly, came public safety on highway 80. Both candidates said the issue first and foremost is bottlenecks at the bridges leading to Tybee Island.

"There's not enough signage indicating that it's going from four lanes down to two lanes it needs to be placed farther back giving people more time to merge safely," says Livingston.

The latest city moves regarding alcohol laws and roadway safety for Tybee is that the city did enact its first alcohol zoning ordinance this past week for the pirate festival and it was successful.

Right now plans for expanding highway 80 are in the hands of the state DOT.

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