9-year-old gives Christmas gifts to children in local hospitals

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) -- A local superstar is changing Christmas for other children.

Nine-year-old Marley Battle told her mom she wanted to give gifts to children in need, or to those who can't spend Christmas with their families.

Marley, also known as Sekiywa Shakur in the 2017 Tupac Biopic "All Eyez On Me," is putting her talents to use at home.

Her Christmas mission made its way to social media. From there she received two donations - one for ten dollars and one for a toy.

She knows that not every child can spend their holiday at home, so she hopes these gifts will put them in good spirits.

"I just thought about the children in the hospitals and thinking about how they may not have a Christmas… they have to stay here in the hospital," Marley says.

She and her parents took money out of their own pockets to purchase 100 gifts to place under the tree at the Children's Heart Center at Memorial Health and at Greenbriar Children's Center.

"It makes me feel really sad because they have to stay here," Marley explains. "And I'm over her having fun with my family getting presents while they're here sick in a hospital bed and not getting any parents and no being able to see their families."

She says during this time of the year -- it's about love and affection.

Marley plans to continue her gift-giving efforts for future holidays.

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