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FUGITIVE FILES: Wanted, Armed and Dangerous Assault Suspect

A man with a long criminal history is wanted again, this time for opening fire on a busy street.

Joshua Shelton is 27 years old.. 6 foot 6 160 lbs, and wanted by Savannah Police for aggravated assault.
Savannah Police Investigators say it started when Shelton found his girlfriend in a car with another man

"He walks to the boyfriend's side of the car, draws a pistol out of his pants and points it out the window at the ex-boyfriend," says Det. Jacob Hilderbrand of the SPD Violent Crimes. "Jumps out the pasenger side and flees down the street. Joshua Shelton then comes around the car and fires one shot."

Shelton didn't hit his target, but was able to escape, armed and dangerous.

"It makes him incredibly dangerous because he had no hesitation of firing a gun down a crowded street during morning hours," said Hilderbrand.

Police believe Joshua Shelton is somewhere in the Liberty City area or East Savannah.

He does have a lengthy criminal record but no violent crimes, until now.  

"The escalation is more of an emotional act," said Hilderbrand.  "It shows if he gets emotional and fires off guns at random indivudals he does not know. What's to stop him from getting emotional and firing a gun downtown on a friday night."

If you can help find Joshua Shelton, call Savannah Police or Crimestoppers right away at (912)234-2020.
Remember if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

"Its better for him now to comes and talk to me than to keep it going," said the Detective. "The longer he runs the longer he hides, the worse it gets for  him and everyone else involved."


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