Georgia General Assembly

Republicans dominate the Georgia General Assembly. 37 to 19 in the State Senate and 116 to 64 in the State House.

While the majority party likely won’t change, there are at least two trends playing out.

First, In 2016, 29 Incumbent Republican State Senators ran without opposition in both the primary and general elections. Those races alone insured a majority in the 56-seat State Senate.

In 2018, only 18 Republican incumbents are assured of a return trip to Atlanta. The same trend exists in the State House.

In 2016, 98 seats went to the GOP without contest, again an automatic majority of the 180 posts. This year, only 59 legislators (39 fewer) are guaranteed a seat.  

The change is not as drastic in southeast Georgia. This year, incumbent Democratic State Senator Lester Jackson has, again, no opposition. Two years ago, Jackson nor District 1 State Senator Ben Watson were contested.

In 13 southeast Georgia House districts, 7 candidates are guaranteed a seat in the state house. That number was 9 two years ago.

Mirroring the national trend, women in state legislative races has climbed dramatically from 19 to 32 in the state senate (26 are Democrats) and from 83 to 110 in state house races (76 are Democrats).

Here are the races for southeast Georgia General Assembly seats that are contested in the May primary:

156 157 160